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Audio: The Epistle of James

The epistle of James is exactly the speaking of the Lord that the church needs today. It is difficult to make a teaching from this epistle. It is about putting the word of God into practice. If we have faith in God but no works of faith, our faith is useless and even dead. This word of exhortation was spoken to us by the Lord at the Spring Conference. We would like to encourage everyone to listen to the messages from the conference and get into the Word yourself. You can do this here:

Highlights of the Conference

James 1

  • James, the Brother of Jesus
  • Various Sufferings
  • The Need of Wisdom from Above to Achieve the Goal
  • Blessed is the Man who Endures Trials
  • Do Not Blame God When Faced with Trials/Temptation
  • Wherefore, Knowing This, We Must Exercise to Cooperate

James 2

  • The Godly Way to Practice (to Hold, to Keep, to Live Out) Our Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Faith Without Works Is Dead

James 3

  • The Taming of the Tongue
  • Two Sources of Wisdom That Control the Tongue

James 4

  • What Happens if the Tongue Is Not Tamed
  • Admonition from James

James 5

  • Warning to the Rich of the Coming Judgment – the Terrible Miseries That Are Coming Upon Them
  • Encouragement to Those Who Are Going through Trials to Be Patient until the Coming of the Lord
  • The Power of the Prayer of Faith


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