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Invitation to the Spring Conference 2023

We do not have much time left, because the return of Jesus Christ is just around the corner. For this, the church must prepare. Since we want to do this together, we cordially invite you to our spring conference in Stuttgart!

Burden & Outline

The burden of the Lord at this conference is the first epistle of John. The outline in different languages can be downloaded here:


The individual meetings will focus on the following:

Date Verses in 1 Jn. Topic
06.04. 19:30 1:1-4 The word of life
07.04. 10:00 1:5-10 God is light and in Him is no darkness at all
07.04. 11:15 2:1-6 Jesus Christ the righteous – our advocate and the propitiation for our sins
07.04. 19:30 2:7-14 Love – a commandment which is both old and new & The church is the household, the family of the living God
08.04. 10:00 2:15-17 Do not love the world
08.04. 11:15 2:18-29 Warning about the many antichrists
08.04. 19:30 3:1-10 The manifestation of the children of God – being transformed into the glorious image of Christ & The difference between the children of God and the children of the devil
09.04. 10:00 Feast
09.04. 19:30 3:11-21 Further manifestation of the children of God and the children of the devil
10.04. 10:00 4:1-6 Test the spirits, whether they are of God
10.04. 11:15 4:7-12 Love one another & The evidence of God’s love for us
10.04. 14:00 4:13-5:3 The mutual abode & He who loves God must love his brother also
10.04. 19:30 5:4-21 Our faith overcomes the world; The Witness of God concerning His son Jesus Christ & Conclusion

Participation via Zoom

All meetings are transmitted by Zoom. To participate online, simply click here on the dates listed above (Meeting ID: 92658727213; Passcode: 144):

Audio recordings

All meetings are recorded as audio. The recordings are HERE.

Conference site

The conference site is located in Stuttgart. You can find out the exact address via email or website chat.

Contact us

Feel free to write us in the website chat or by email.


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