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The True Worship - Chinese

Few believers seriously ask themselves whether God is pleased with their worship. Does God like it when we Christians bring Him our worship on Sunday, listen to a sermon, donate money, and then go home again? So how does the Father want to be worshipped?



For the Father is seeking such to worship Him.
First and foremost, the goal of the true worship is to satisfy God the Father because it is His will. God is seeking the true worshipers today to worship Him in spirit and reality. It is also God's wisdom that in bringing the firstfruits and the best of the offerings for the true worship, we believers will mature, be transformed and be perfected (Col. 1:28; Heb. 6:1). At the end of the Bible the believers living on this earth who have matured and ripened early are described as firstfruits; they will be raptured to the heavenly Mount Zion at God's throne for the satisfaction of the Father (Rev. 14:4). The true worship is the marvelous way God has ordained for His people to be perfected.

  1. God is Seeking True Worshipers
  2. The True Worship: In Spirit and Reality
  3. Worship in the Old Covenant - the Shadow
  4. The True Worship in the New Covenant - the Reality
  • To whom is the worship due? To God the Father
  • Who are the worshippers? The holy priesthood
  • Where is the place of worship? In the church, the heavenly Jerusalem
  • How does the Father want to be worshipped? With Christ as the spiritual sacrifices
    The Burnt Offering
    - The Meal Offering
    - The Peace Offering
    - The Sin Offering
    The Transgression Offering
  • How do we present Christ as spiritual sacrifices? Through the fruit of our lips
  • When should the worship take place? During the feast at the Lord's table
  • What Christ accomplished at His first coming - the First Four Feasts
    The Passover
    - The Feast of Unleavened Bread
    - The Feast of Firstfruits
    - The Feast of Weeks (Pentecost)
  • How we prepare ourselves for the Lord's Return - the last three feasts
    The Feast of Trumpets
    - The Day of Atonement
    - The Feast of Tabernacles
  • How are the spiritual sacrifices prepared? By laboring on Christ, the good land
  • What is the goal of true worship? God's satisfaction and our perfection

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